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Attempting to do payroll on your own for your
small business could put you at risk of facing IRS
penalties and fines, late tax filings, and unhappy
Create, distribute, and file W-2s and 1099s for
Calculate and pay local, state, and federal taxes
on your behalf
Respond to payroll tax notices from the IRS

Notary Public

We serve: while we specialize in Loan Document
Signings, we are not limited to. We offer Additional
Notary Services for other legal document
notarization such as: power of attorney, medical
record depositions, affidavits, adoptions, legal
documents, title transfers, real estate documents,
wills and more.


We offer bookkeeping services for small businesses,
Our services include bank reconciliations, accounts
payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing,
sales tax filing and financial reporting. Many small
businesses are already leveraging our high-quality
and low-cost services.
Business coaching

Document Translation

We provide technical, legal, marketing, website,
medical, certified, financial and personal
translation, transcription services. We remove
the pain-points involved in getting documents
into and out of the translation process, Eglish to
Spanish and Spanish to Englis. Call us for more

Corporation Income Tax

1120, 1065, etc.

Small business owners are always trying to save a few
dollars, however, be careful where you try to save those
One of the greatest myths in the small business
community is that large accounting firm must complete
your Corporate Tax Return and Financial Statements
each year; nothing could be further from the truth!
We has the training, skills, support and infrastructure to
complete your financial statements and tax returns
professionally and in a timely manner, usually at a
FRACTION of the cost of the large firms.

Franchise Report

The Texas Franchise Tax Report and a Public
Information Report are required by the State of Texas
to be filed annually by their due date in order to remain
in Good Standing. For report year 2017, so long as
your Gross Sales are below $1,110,000 (this
threshhold can change from year to year) then you will
not owe any margin tax. Your corporation must file this
annual return even if you have $0 Gross Sales for the
calendar year. The Texas Annual Franchise Tax
Return and Public Information Report still must be
received by the State Comptroller’s office by May 15,
2017, to keep your account in “Active” status.


Business Assessor
Staring New Business, Licenses
Bookkeeping, Payroll
Business & Financial Consultant
Notary Public
Document Translation
English to Spanish, Español al
Apostillado, Official Documents.
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